Domenikos Theotokopoulos - El Greco

The Greek Genius of 94th Primary School of Athens


( 1541-1614 )


Domenikos Theotokopoulos was born in Fodele, a village in the island of Crete.His brother’s name was Manoussos.He first painted religious themes.
In 1566, he left Crete and went to Venice.He stayed there for four years and worked with famous artists like Titian,Tintoretto,Veronese and Bassano.
In 1570,he went to Rome and some time later he travelled to Spain.
In Madrid,he decorated the Escorial Palace for Spanish King Philip II.
In 1577 El Greco moved to Toledo.There, he worked on the shrine of Santo Domingo el Antigono.
He met and loved Dona Jeronima de la Cuevas.They had a son,Jorge-Mnauel.

We can estimate his works at about 500.There are some landscapes and a few portraits but most of them are of religious themes:"Assumption", "Holy Trinity", "St John the Evangelist", "St. Sebastian", "Saints Peter and Paul", "Christ embracing the Cross", "Resurrection", "Annunciation", "St. Andrew", "Pentecost", "Baptism of Christ"

The most illustrious of his paintings are "Burial of the Conde de Orgaz", El Espolio", "Martyrdom of St. Maurice", "Laocoon", "Vision of Apocalypse" and "View of Toledo".

This is how we made minigenius El Greco and we sent him around Europe.

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We worked with him.We read about his life, looked at his paintings and did some art work.
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We wrote this letter to send with him to our European friends.

I am minigenius El Greco.
Pupils of the 6th Class of 94th Primary School of Athens have brought me to life.
I had a great time working with them but now the time has come.
I am coming to your country to find out all the interesting places there.
Are you ready to show me round?

Then, after three weeks, put me on the go again to meet new places and start a new adventure.